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This is my, princessshannon's, community for all my graphics; icons, banners, etc. I make graphics of all types of stuff, from Kylie to the WWE. Like my work? Then take a second to read over these...

1. Drop me a comment letting me know what you're taking.
2. Credit me.
3. This is not an icon requesting community. I wish I had time to customize things, but I don't.
4. Constructive criticism is welcomed but remember I'm not an expert at this stuff, lol.
5. If you really like my work, join the community so you know whenever I post new stuff :)

All Buffy, Angel, and Tru Calling photos are from Screencap-Paradise.com
All wrestling photos are from WWE.com or Forever Shawn
Most Willa Ford photos are from Willa Ford.org
Icon template from Bauble

That's all :) Thanks for taking the time to check out the community!